Bigg boss 13 Episode 17 Highlights: Devoleena body shames Shehnaaz during the BB toys factory task

There seems to be no end to personal drama in this current season of Big boss with contestants arguing constantly.

By Apoorv Shandilya, October 17, 2019 17:29 IST

Day 16 of Bigg Boss began with yet another fight in the Bigg Boss home kitchen. It started with Asim Riaz getting angry at Rashami and accusing her of not cooking properly. Calling her out on her pessimism, Asim got support from Siddharth and Shehnaaz. This leads to Rashami breaking down once again. This time she talks to Devoleena about her pain. However, many fans have called Rashami out on her overdramatic personality.

Later on, the same day when the BB toy factory task began once again, a fight broke down between Devoleena and Shehnaaz and Asim. During the verbal spat, Devoleena got a little too personal and started body-shaming Shehnaaz when she said that she would rather look at a cow than at her. Twitter quickly became full of comments from the fans of the show who were angry at Devoleena’s behaviour. Calling her out on such body shaming.
An interesting revelation came in the fact that the winning team will have an extra benefit. The female contestant who will get chosen as the queen will also have a chance of winning a ticket directly into the semi-finals of the show.

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