Bigg Boss 13 Episode 18 Highlights: Bigg Boss angry at the contestant's lack of integrity in this week's task.

After the reveal of semi final ticket, all the contestants seem to have agreed on not letting anyone win the prize.

By Apoorv Shandilya, October 18, 2019 16:04 IST

On day 17 in the Bigg Boss house, it became obvious that the contestants were all playing their own games to reach the finale. After Bigg Boss revealed that the winning queen of the house might win a ticket to the semi-finals, both teams seem to have given up. During all of this commotion, Mahira accuses Abu of not moderating the task properly. While Paras and Shefali got into a heated argument.
As a result of all this Bigg Boss became angry and irritated by the contestant's performance. Cancelling the first half of the task, Bigg Boss gave a warning to the contestants for their lack of participation.
However, the contestants remain uninterested in participating and instead prepare a scripted segment. Siddharth Dey suggests that the girls should get into the container and then get shut inside. Only to escape later. Once again, however, Bigg Boss was in no mood of encouraging such behaviour.
Later on the same day, Rashami talks to Devoleena about her professional relationship with Siddharth Shukla. She revealed that both of them have fought a lot in the show they did together and Shukla even tried to get her off the show. Paras was also seen talking about all this later on in a conversation with Shehnaaz.

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