Bigg Boss 13 Episode 43 Highlights: Mahira and Shefali but heads in last night's show

This week's task in the Big Boss house has turned hostile once again with one fight after another happening.

By Abhivyakti Seshanand , November 14, 2019 17:04 IST

Last night's episode began with the new task going on in full swing. Immediately after starting Siddharth Skuhla got into a fight with Devolleena, Rashami, Paras, and Mahira. Siddharth accused them of not following the rules properly.
During the task, Vishal came out first from his tunnel. He broke Himanshi's plate. Later when Arhaan tried to come out from his tunnel they stopped him. Rashami and Devoleena planned together and sat in his tunnel to restrict his movement. Siddharth got angry at this and said this is against the rules.
Later on, Shefali and Mahira got into a major fight. And Mahira asked Shefali to not misuse her captaincy powers. The fight got worse the next morning. This happened when Shefali asked Mahira to do the dishes. Mahira refused and promised that she will teach Shefali a lesson when she becomes the captain.
A twist came when during the task Vishal broke Rashami's plate. Big boss immediately announced that Vishal is now a contender for the captain and he will no longer be a rakshas.

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