Bigg Boss 13 Episode 64 Highlights: Siddharth and Rashami back at it with relentless fights

Bigg Boss's latest episode showcased the extreme rift between Siddharth Shukla and Rashami.

By Apoorv Shandilya, December 04, 2019 15:15 IST

Last night's episode of Bigg Boss began with Bigg Boss preparing the Chai pe Charcha task. However, this got foul very fast when Siddharth refused to hand over milk cartons to Rashami. Siddharth accused Rashami of stealing and Rashami fought back saying he is illogical and a terrible captain. Rashami was also seen talking to Asim later on and plotting a way to boycott the captain. The entire chai pe Charcha session didn't take place because no one got any chai.
Later on when Bigg Boss announced the start of this week's nominations it too came with a twist. Bigg boss allowed Siddharth all the power. Siddharth must choose contestants he wants to nominate and give proper reasoning. These contestants must sit and wait in an empty swimming pool until told to do otherwise.
First came Asim and Mahira. Siddharth chose Asim saying he is a strong contender and later said 'what goes around comes around.` Immediately after which Rashami accused Siddharth of extreme favoritism. Next came Shefali, Vikas, and Himanshi. Siddharth saved Vikas saying he has a nice bond with him and nominated the other two. He cited that the Shefali and Himanshi had not participated well enough in previous tasks.
Last came Rashami and Vishal. Siddharth took no time to nominate Rashami. Siddharth mocked her saying, ' do I really need to give a reason for this'. He said that Rashami disagrees with him on everything.

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