Bigg Boss Telugu S03: How long Sree Mukhi can survive with her Safe Game ?

By Aravind Peesapati, August 13, 2019 14:16 IST

Bigg Boss Telugu S03: How long Sree Mukhi can survive with her Safe Game ?

There are players who want to win the game by playing it safe and easy. When coming to Big Boss, history isn’t suggesting that kind of game for any reason. There were players from the both seasons of 'Big Boss Telugu' who wanted to play safe till the end. Though they got good reputation, both failed to kiss the trophy, which matters the most at the end.
Prince and Samrat were two strong contestants when the entered the house, last two seasons and so as Sree Mukhi with her wide range of following in Telugu speaking states. We all know that the persons like Prince and Samrat are the kind of persons who stays calm but the main negative is, when they need to take a stand they will get easily influenced by an aggressive contestant.
Sree Mukhi is in that zone as of now. She never really appeared to take stand and wanted to project herself as the sweetest of all. This is a kind of safe game as she wants to avoid the eliminations but what she doesn’t know is, when comes the time she really need something to protect her or define her. Being active in tasks and being friendly with all other contestant won’t do that.
We all know what happened with Prince and Samrat. They survived long enough but ended their journey at the final stage due to the lack of that extra ball. That is none other than taking stand aggressively. Look at the finalists of two seasons. Siva Balaji and Adarsh Balakrishna for Season-1 and Kaushal and Tanish for Season-2 who stopped being nice to contestants at one point.
Sree Mukhi hasn’t got it right and another player in this zone is Ravi Krishna. Sree Mukhi had a chance to take stand when Tamanna was torturing Ravi but she opted to pacify Tamanna which won’t do any good. Let’s see whether Sree Mukhi realises this formula or not.


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