Bigg Boss Telugu S03 E86: All the contestants in house got nominated for this weeks elimination!

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3: As a result of fight between Varun sandesh, Vithika and Siva Jyothi every contestant in house are in nominations.

By Aravind Peesapati, October 15, 2019 14:37 IST

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 86 Highlights:
For the past few weeks, the candidates who got nominated irked the audience. As the one weak contestant was in nominations along with strong contestants. Everyone predicted the outgoing person, but this time, all the contestants in the Bigg Boss house got nominated. Now, it is going to be interesting to see whether there is a possibility of double elimination.  
Nominations task this week is ‘Toppers Of The House’. Bigg Boss has given 7 podiums with numbers from 1 to 7 and asked the contestants to stand in the number they got by taking chits. Baba Bhaskar got the first position. Rahul and Varun got second and third positions, respectively. As per the task, every contestant from 4th to 7th should say 1 to 3 rankers how they are eligible for that position and convince them to you give that number.   
Vithika failed to convince Baba Bhaskar and so does Siva Jyothi who couldn’t get the best of Varun. In the same manner, Sree Mukhi and Rahul exchanged some words as Sreemukhi tried to explain Rahul why she is better than him. Later, Sreemukhi convinces Baba Bhaskar and gets the first position. Ali convinces Rahul and gets the second place.   
Here comes the thing as Varun willingly gave Vithika the third position which irked Shiva Jyoti. She comes to Varun and Vithika and asks how he can give her the position just because he is her husband. Varun Sandesh completely lost his cool and stooped too many ugly levels down to support Vithika and during his argument with Siva Jyoti. Varun made many silly gestures and threw many more unwanted statements. He failed to control his anger and totally lost his ‘Mr. Cool’ fame that he earned all these weeks.   
Varun who has been in nominations three times in a row knows what happens when Vithika gets nominated. After a huge fight between the trio, the Bigg Boss finally declares that all the contestants in the house went into nominations this week as Shiva Jyothi and Vithika are standing in the same number.

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