Chinmayi's name removed from Dubbing Union Voters List

Chinmayi aims on impressing the audiences yet again with the Telugu version of 96 remake, titled Jaanu

By Aravind Peesapati, January 29, 2020 11:59 IST

Popular dubbing artist Chinmayi received a ban from the Dubbing union in Tamilnadu but she fought for her right and got an injunction from the court. As the elections time arrived, her name got removed from the union.
Chinmayi took to her Twitter profile and shared the following about the incident.
'It's been a hot minute since spoke about my issues with the Dubbing Union headed by Mr. Radha Ravi who is now in the BJP. It is ELECTION TIME (!!) at the Union. The Dubbing Union had banned me in November 2018 on a whim, I got an interim injunction as I have shared earlier. The interim injunction basically means that I am legally a member of the Dubbing Union. Mr. Radha Ravi, repeatedly alleged that Hon'ble Retd Judge Vasuki madam, appointed as Election officer had 'banned' me when she'd clearly stated in her own report, that it is NOT her purview. So although the Hon'ble City Civil Court has given me an injunction, which means I am a legal member, Guess what Mr. Radha Ravi's Dubbing Union did? They made sure they removed my name from the eligible voter's list. Does Mr. Radha Ravi's Dubbing Union function outside the Indian legal system? How is it that the Union goes against a Court order? The Dubbing Union has also arbitrarily banned some other members in the meantime. Basically culling whoever is 'inconvenient' to the Union.'
Looks like the struggle for Chinmayi has no end and we pray that she fights for her right with more strength.

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