They offered me one crore for a night !

By Xappie Desk, February 03, 2019 17:24 IST

Mumbai actress Sakshi Chaudhary debuted in Tollywood with Manchu Manoj's Potugadu several years ago. She went on to set the screens ablaze with her glamour treats in several movies, including Allari Naresh's Selfie Raja and James Bond. Her next film 'Suvarna Sundari' is gearing up for release soon.
Recently, Sakshi created a sensational storm on Twitter. She revealed that many people are sending her private messages, offering up to Rs 1 crore to 'spend a night with her' after seeing all the hot and steamy photos and videos she has been posting. 'but they all are the fool. I am not for sale. Bus dekh Kar Kaam Chalao & 'Magnet' dekhne first-day first show jao,' Sakshi tweeted.
Within no time, Sakshi's tweet went viral and it is even covered by the national media. 'How can people ask me such things without any fear? No one should look down on me just because I act in movies,' she lamented. Sakshi also threatened to reveal the names of her harassers if they don't stop bothering her.
On the flip side, actresses like Sakshi, who primarily rely on glamour shows to titillate audiences, facing harassment is nothing new. Despite the recent #MeToo movement, in which many actresses called out their abusers, such unfortunate incidents are hard to control. Whether Sakshi will ignore all the negativity and move on or take police help remains to be seen?

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