Abhirami Suresh Celebrates 27th Birthday; Amrita Suresh And Gopi Sunder With Grand Celebrations.

Abhirami Suresh, sister of Amrita Suresh celebrates her 27th birthday today.

By Xappie Desk, October 10, 2022 15:21 IST

Amrita Suresh and Abhirami Suresh are well-known Malayalam singers and entertainers. Both of them get a lot of attention for their musical performances together. Amrita and Abhirami appeared as contestants in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3. Active on social media, the pictures and videos shared by these sisters are gaining attention. Now the pictures of Amrita and Gopi Sundar celebrating Abhirami's birthday are going viral.
Amrita and Gopi Sundar celebrated Abhirami's birthday in a grand manner with an elephant. Gopi Sundar wrote on social media, 'Happy Birthday to my eldest daughter.' Amrita also shared the pictures and wrote, 'We wish our beloved... a birthday filled with prosperity, happiness, peace, and good fortune.' Amrita's daughter, Avantika, is also present for the celebration. Abhirami's 27th birthday was on October 9. Abhirami has shared pictures of the celebration on social media.
At the same time, Abhirami had come on the scene after reacting to the high level of cyber attacks against her and her family. Abhirami had said the legal action will be taken against such people. Abhirami had said that whether her sister Amrita Suresh and Gopi Sundar fall in love or get married, others should not interfere. Amrita Suresh had before stated that she intended to file a police report against those who leave abusive comments on her social media posts. A few months ago, Amrita revealed her relationship with music director and singer Gopi Sundar. Later, their pictures and videos made waves on social media. There was a lot of criticism under the posts.

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