Actor Gaurav Chopra says losing his parents feels like a stab through his heart

Gaurav Chopra recalled his mother who had to battle her pancreatic cancer as well as coronavirus at the same time.

By Apoorv Shandilya, September 04, 2020 16:53 IST

Gaurav Chopra’s private life was entirely devastated recently when both of his parents lost their lives to COVID-19. The actor’s mother was also suffering from pancreatic cancer for the past 3.5 years but it was COVID that took her life.
In an interview with Mumbai Mirror Gaurav Chopra spike about losing his parents. He said, “My mother was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer three-and-a-half years ago. The doctors gave her just four-six months, but the brave lady, who’d been a school principal, defied all the odds and was singing, dancing, travelling and celebrating every festival. Cancer couldn’t beat her, the coronavirus did. For the first time, I saw her undying spirit dented.”
“My Hero. My idol. My inspiration. .Will I ever manage to be a millionth of a man that he was ? Don’t think so.. The ideal man , the ideal son,the ideal brother, a man who always put family above EVERYTHING else. An ideal father took me 25 years to even come to terms with the fact that all fathers are not like him.. That he was special .. I was blessed..and as his son, that’s the legacy I have inherited,” he added.
Gaurav further said, “My mother died while my father was on the ventilator. So, he didn’t hear the news. Their last conversations were about each other. For the last three-and-a-half years, my father was taking care of my mother and that’s how they left, together. My mother was doing fine till she learned about dad. The day she stopped speaking to him, her condition deteriorated, day by day.”

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