Actor Naseeruddin Shah Against Indian Muslims For Celebrating Taliban Victory

Naseeruddin Shah criticizes Muslims for cheering the Taliban's takeover of power in Afghanistan.

By Abdul Azeez, September 02, 2021 16:57 IST

Actor Naseeruddin Shah criticizes Muslims celebrating the Taliban's seizure of power in Afghanistan. He said there were some Muslims here who were celebrating the Taliban's actions and that it was dangerous. He made his position clear in a video shared on social media.
He said in the video that while the world was watching the Taliban's rise to power in Afghanistan, some Muslims in India were celebrating it. He added that it was a dangerous trend.
Naseeruddin Shah added that those who celebrate the victory of the Taliban should assess for themselves. He asked whether they are trying to reform their religion or want to follow a primitive way of life.
He said that he is a Hindustani Muslim and that Muslims in India were different from Muslims all over the world. He went on to say that God would not bring about a time when that would change so much that we could not even recognize it.
Earlier, music director Adnan Sami had also criticized the Taliban. Adnan Sami was critical of the statement that music is forbidden in Islam.
The Taliban invaded Afghanistan and occupied the country in a matter of days. The seizure was after following the decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan completely.
The Taliban announced the capture of Afghanistan on August 15-16. The Taliban changed the name of Afghanistan after the conquest. The new name is the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan.
Many celebrities have shown their support to Afghanistan. Actors Prithviraj and Tovino Thomas shared a letter by Afghan director Zahra Karimi. The two have shared Sahraa Karimi’s post asking for help in sharing it with filmmakers around the world.
Singers Harish Sivaramakrishnan and Sithara had earlier come out in support of Afghanistan. It was through a Facebook post that the two came out with criticism against the Taliban.

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