Actor Taraka Ratna Suffers Severe Heartattack, Hospitalised

Actor Taraka Ratna suffered severe heartattack while he participating in Nara Lokesh's padayatra. The actor has been hospitalized in Bengaluru, where he has received treatment.

By Xappie Desk, January 28, 2023 12:44 IST

Actor Taraka Ratna has been seen in several movies throughout his short film career. While he failed to make a huge impact in the industry, he still managed to entertain the audience with films like Amaravati. The actor is also an active part of politics, taking part in several activities of the Telugu Desam Party. TDP National General Secretary, Nara Lokesh, is currently on his padayatra. Taraka Ratna is also a part of this yatra. He joined Lokesh in Kuppam, where the yatra had begun.
Taraka Ratna was seen interacting with the people around him actively, towards the beginning of the Yatra. After his bodyguards had noticed that he was feeling a little uncomfortable, they came to his rescue. The actor then fainted on spot, after which they rushed him to the best hospital in Kuppam. Hindupur MLA, actor Balakrishna, had rushed down to check on Taraka Ratna.
After getting to know that Taraka Ratna had suffered a severe heart attack, he was shifted to a hospital in Bengaluru. His wife Alekhya Reddy and daughters were informed the same as well when they had gone to check on him. The doctors in Bengaluru have informed us that the left artery has closed 90%, but that the actor's condition is stable right now. They said that his blood pressure is stable and that there was nothing to worry about.
Lokesh had checked on Taraka Ratna after his padayatra came to an end for the day. NTR had called Balakrishna to check on the condition of Taraka Ratna.

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