Actor Vijay Babu Offered The Survivor Rs 1 Crore To Settle The 2022 Case Of Sexual Assault

Survivor said that Vijay Babu had offered her Rs 1 croreto settle the 2022 case of sexual assault.

By Abdul Azeez, June 21, 2022 19:57 IST

Survivor - a young woman actor - said that Vijay Babu had offered her Rs 1 crore to settle the 2022 case of sexual assault. The survivor told Mathrubhumi that Vijay Babu offered money through friends to settle the case while he was in Dubai. The survivor added that she had informed the police about this.
“We will fight until justice is done. When he went to Dubai, he offered me Rs 1 crore to settle the case through his friend. I have informed the police. He offers money and gets a lot of witnesses on his side. I firmly believe that AMMA did not expel him because he blackmailed many members of AMMA and offered them money.
One can only imagine how great an offer would have been given if he had spoken out against me even after revealing the name of a survivor. After the complaint, Vijay Babu called the director of a film that I currently have and tried to take my chance. So much is going on in the ranks;” said Survivor.
She also said that Kuku Parameswaran, Mala Parvathy, and Shwetha Menon, who resigned from the AMMA organization's IC in the controversy over Vijay Babu, are dignified women.
“They are dignified women. What is the point of someone like Maniyan Pillai Raju saying that Vijay Babu has said that he can stand aside instead of expelling the person who revealed the name of the victim? Not only did he reveal my name, but he also made false allegations and committed a number of crimes, denigrating historic developments such as Me too;” Survivor added.

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