Actress Kate Beckinsale thinks she looks like actor Ryan Reynolds

The British actress was a guest on,The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, where she revealed that she thinks she resembles Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds.

By Rajeshwari Jagtap, October 22, 2019 12:33 IST

Kate Beckinsale on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon revealed that she looks like a famous leading man, reports 'I look exactly like Ryan Reynolds,' Beckinsale told host Jimmy Fallon. 'Like in a shocking way. Like, when sometimes, I see a bus going by with a poster on it I think, ‘Damn, I look hot. Oh, wait, that's not me. Also, I've never done that movie'.'
Fallon showed a photo of both the actors side by side to see if the audience agreed. Although Fallon didn't 'really see it,' the audience might have also found the resemblance.
She assured the host that while the comparison was bizarre, they certainly share similarities. 'I've wrestled with how, obviously, he's not even like a sort of slightly girly-boy-bander type,' the 'Underworld' star explained. 'He's like a big Canadian man and I really see myself in him.' So much so that she refuses to work with Reynolds. 'I can't be in the same room as him,' she joked. 'Because one of us, I think, would explode, or something would happen.'

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