“Akshay Kumar was not even ready to grow a mustache;” Producers Blame Akshay Kumar For The Box Office Failure Of Samrat Prithviraj.

Producers blame Akshay Kumar for the box office failure of Bollywood film Samrat Prithviraj.

By Abdul Azeez, June 26, 2022 14:03 IST

Producer Aditya Chopra has blamed actor Akshay Kumar for the box office failure of Bollywood film Samrat Prithviraj. Samrat Prithviraj was a historically important character. However, Akshay Kumar did not focus only on this film but on other films as well. National Herald reports that Aditya Chopra blamed Akshay Kumar for the failure of Samrat Prithviraj.
“Akshay did not listen to anything. This movie needed full attention. But Akshay was not even ready to grow a mustache. Akshay Kumar has been doing other films along with this one. Yash Raj Films source told the National Herald why he did not focus on the film alone when he was playing a historically important character.
Director Chandraprakash Dwivedi had earlier said that the failure of Samrat Prithviraj will affect the producers. “If a film fails, it will definitely put the producers in trouble. This is Yash Raj Films' first historical film. If it was a success they would make more movies like this. Or they will continue to do what they did before;”Chandraprakash told the Navbharat Times.
Samrat Prithviraj was released on June 3 in theaters. With a budget of Rs 300 crore, the film grossed just Rs 86 crore at the box office. Many shows of the film were stopped due to non attendence of people into the theater. Akshay Kumar's salary and VFX are the reason for the increase in the budget of the film. The box office collection of the film was low from the day of its release.

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