Amir And Pavni Reveal When They Would Get Married

Amir and Pavni met on Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5.

By Xappie Desk, February 14, 2023 20:42 IST

Amir and Pavni are a happy couple now. The two met each other on the sets of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5. While Amir fell in love with Pavni inside the Bigg Boss house, Pavni refused to accept his proposal. The two were paired for Bigg Boss Jodigal and upon completion of the show, Pavni announced that she is in love with Amir as well. Recently, reports were rife that Amir and Pavni will get married after Valentine's Day. In an interview with The Times of India, Pavni said, 'We need some more time to achieve things that we have always dreamt of. We will get married for sure, but it will take at least one more year. But I wanted to get married soon. I always wanted to be a homemaker, have kids, and spend some quality time with loved ones. But yeah, he also wanted to concentrate on work now, so he thought to give himself some time. He's not like before.'
Speaking about Amir, she said, 'Amir is a gentleman. He never disturbed me but gave me time to think about it. In fact, he never used to call or even text in our friends' WhatsApp group post the show. I used to tell him, 'Friend-a irukkum podhe phone panna matengura, then how do you expect me to get committed to you?' (smiles). Jokes apart, it took a lot of time for me to accept his love. It's because I had my own personal reasons and was not in the mindset to get into a relationship again.'

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