AR Rahman to team up with Ranveer Singh for real

By Xappie Desk, March 30, 2019 18:06 IST

AR Rahman to team up with Ranveer Singh for real
Ranveer Singh is the most celebrated actor or celebrity or rockstar in Bollywood right now. He is on a different hight altogether with his recent ventures. With peculiar roles in each and every movie, he is getting stronger day by day and also growing as an actor. As baddie, he just rocked in Padmavaat, then released Rohit Shetty's Simmba even that movie kicked the box office massively. This year with Gully Boy he had given a thumping start.
Ranveer Singh begins his venture yesterday in a grand way. He collaborated with filmmaker Navzar Eranee and DJ Cheetah for an independent music record label IncInk. Through his twitter account, he had launched the same, all the co-stars and other Bollywood celebrities welcomed Ranveer Singh for his venture. We all know that Ranveer Singh played street Rapper in the movie Gully Boy directed by Zoya Akhtar in which he overcomes all the obstacles yet he proves his mettle. With this inspiration, he came up with the independent record label which paves platform for the rappers like Kaambhari, Spitfire and Slow Cheeta. They also released first song yesterday which garnered a huge response.
With respect to Ranveer Singh's tweet, AR Rahman quotes Ranveer's post and replies to him by commenting 'Am coming next week to sign up' which hints that Isai Puyal to team up with Ranveer Singh for real. This will very interesting and exciting indeed for all the music lovers across India. To bring up new and raw talent this duo will be joining hands for the first time, Rahman is known for encouraging and grooming new gen musicians across the globe.

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