Arjun Janya teams up with Prem after battling Health Issues

Music Director Arjun Janya gets back to compose for Prem’s Ek Ek Ya Ya after recovering from a mild heart attack

By Akanksha Sridhara, March 20, 2020 18:12 IST

In a recent tweet, the famous director Prem announced that 'the Magical Composer is back with Magical Powers!' Prem stated that Arjun Janya's health has improved and that he will be composing music for his upcoming film Ek Ek Ya Ya.
Famed music composer and singer Arjun Janya had suffered a minor heart attack in February 2020. He underwent surgery in a hospital in Mysuru and has since recovered from the health care.
It is not a surprise that Janya has decided to work with Prem after his health scare. Janya and Prem share a very good relationship, both personal and professional. Their partnership started with Prem's satirical film DK in 2015. Prem has directed 3 films since DK and Janya has composed music for all of them. Ek Ek Ya Ya will be the duo's fifth film.
Prem took to Twitter to let their fans know that Arjun Janya had already finished most of his work in January. Now that Janya has recovered from his health scare, he will now focus on the background music and the process of recording. The director also added that Arman Mallik, Sid Sriram, Shreya Khawal and Kailash Kher will be performing Janya's composition. The Production Team will also team up with a Symphony Orchestra from London to produce one of the film's songs.
Ek Ek Ya Ya will hit theaters in July 2020 on the occasion of Varamahalakshmi. Prem noted that the film would have hit theaters earlier, but they had to postpone the release due to the Corona Virus Pandemic.
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