"As Soon As I Heard The Story, I Knew That The Character Betsy Had A Lot To Do In This Film;"Surabhi Talks About Her Role In The Film Kuri

Actor Surabhi Lakshmi talks about her role in the film Kuri.

By Abdul Azeez, July 06, 2022 19:34 IST

Kuri is a film directed by KR Praveen and stars Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Surabhi Lakshmi in the lead roles. Surabhi's character in the film was the talk of the town from the time the poster for the film came out.
In the poster, Surabhi was standing with a knife. Surabhi Lakshmi says that Kuri has a different role in her career and she has many reasons for choosing that role.
Surabhi's character in Kuri is named Betsy. The actor says in an interview that she felt surprised when she heard that name. Surabhi stated in an interview that she has performed all of the necessary fights in the film.
'As an actor today, we have the freedom to read a script while choosing a film. In the past, we didn't have such a character and no one would tell us that. The assistant director gives the paper and explains it.
As soon as I heard the story, I knew that the character Betsy had a lot to do in this film. Then there is a fight to do. My hands were full of wounds. Speaking of Vishnu, he is not an actor who has any haters. Everyone loves Vishnu. He selects good content. He has a good character. And I have never done a film with Vishnu before,' said Surabhi.
Kuri is also the film in which Vishnu Unnikrishnan will play the role of a policeman for the first time. The film is said to be a family suspense thriller. The film will be released in theatres on July 8.

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