Avengers' star Chris Pratt and wife Katherine Schwarzenegger blessed with a baby, confirms her brother; Read on

Chris Pratt and his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger become parents of a little baby; Read on

By Saumya Bansal, August 10, 2020 16:36 IST

Although their pregnancy was a secret for the public at large, Chris Pratt and his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger become the parents of a little baby. The gender of the baby is still unknown, but according to a leading Hollywood website, Katherine's brother Patrick confirmed the news to them in a video chat. 'They're doing great -- just got her a little gift, ' said the 26-year-old actor, who could be seen 'carrying a package with a pink ribbon.'
The 30-year old author's family were all present with her and reportedly, her mother Maria Shriver will also be staying longer with her in order to help her out with her newborn. It was Maria who spilled the beans about the couple's pregnancy news earlier. Even though the couple tried their best to keep it a surprise for all, the news broke out in the public and today, the couple has welcomed a new member into their family.
In an interview with the website in July, Katherine had shared, 'It's definitely an interesting time to be pregnant but a really fun time to also find the silver linings and to be able to organize and find more experience in the kitchen has been a big part of that.' She further explains, 'I want to be a sponge always around my mom and just observe as much as I can from her because she has been the greatest mom and continues to be the greatest mom to all four of us. We're really lucky so if I can be just a little bit of the mom that she is then I'll be lucky.'

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