Awe fame Prashanth Varma announces his third directorial film that revolves around the coronavirus pandemic on the occasion of his birthday

Prashant Varma is up to something this time with his third movie and he weaved a story around corona virus pandemic.

By Anoop Sai Bandi, May 29, 2020 13:07 IST

The coronavirus pandemic is now becoming a tool for the filmmakers to come up with new scripts. Already, Ram Gopal Varma created a sensation by shooting a film entirely during the lockdown period. He titled the film as coronavirus and released the trailer of it a few days back. Now, another Telugu filmmaker is coming up with a film revolving around the pandemic. He is Prashanth Varma, who made an impressive debut with Awe. On the occasion of his birthday, Prashanth Varma announced his new film this morning. He also released the motion poster of it.
In the poster, we can see an animal's jaws in the foreground and Kurnool's Konda Reddy Buruju in the background. Going by this interesting poster, it looks like Prashanth Varma has set the film's backdrop in Kurnool. The jaws in the foreground seem to imply the deadly virus. This untitled film came up with the tagline, 'Corona Was Just The Beginning.' Prashanth Varma stated that the film is heavily inspired by the real events. More details of this project will get announced soon. Prashanth Varma is a new age filmmaker who has his own style. Thus, the Telugu cinema audiences are expecting something new from him. We have to wait for a few days to know what he has in store.
Prashanth Varma's last directorial film was the 2019 release Kalki. This suspense thriller had Dr. Rajashekhar and Adah Sharma in the lead roles. Despite its interesting premise, the film failed to do well at the box office.

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