Being a control freak helps me most of the times, says Prithviraj Sukumaran

Malayalam star hero Prithviraj Raj Sukumaran comes up with interesting comments about being a control freak.

By Aravind Peesapati, January 13, 2020 21:46 IST

Many of us have often heard the term 'control freak.' A person who likes to have control of his surroundings gets called as a control freak. Malayalam star hero Prithviraj Sukumaran revealed that he is a control freak and added that it works as an advantage for him most of the time.
In a recent interview, Prithviraj said that while shooting for the film Koode, director Anjali Menon had told him to float in a pool daily. When he asked her why the latter said that he seems to be a control freak. Later, Prithviraj also realized that he has the symptoms of a control freak. He stated that that helped him while directing Lucifer, as the director is the one who has control over all the aspects of a film.
When asked whether it troubled him as an actor, Prithviraj says that the most lovely thing about acting is that sometimes, you don't have control over it. That aspect becomes narcotic for him and gives him a high. Prithiviraj says that sometimes things happen in the heat of a moment that comes without his knowledge.
On the career front, Prithviraj recently scored a hit with Driving License. He is currently directing Lucifer's sequel with Mohanlal as the lead.

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