Bigg Boss 16: Sreejita De Joins As A Wild Card; Says Tina Datta Shows Negative Energy

Sreejita De, the first person to be tossed out, returns to the Bigg Boss 16 house as a wild card entrant. Vikkas Manaktala is also added to the wild card entry.

By Fitha Fathima, December 08, 2022 16:52 IST

Bigg Boss 16 has provided plenty of entertainment and garnered a lot of attention due to its stunning twists and turns. The biggest 'dhamaka' in tonight's show will take place when Sreejita De, the first competitor from Season 16 of 'Bigg Boss,' returns to the house as a wildcard, bringing plenty of drama and entertainment. Bigg Boss requests that everyone assemble in the living area and challenges the housemates to boost their performance before it's too late by organizing a yoga session.
A new promo was posted and teased by Colors TV on its Twitter account. In this promo, the finalists are gathered in the living room and are shown closely analyzing the television. Sreejita De then enters the scene and can be seen practicing yoga in the activity room. The housemates are taken aback when they see Sreejita on the TV. The housemates are asked to enter the activity room one at a time by Bigg Boss, where Sreejita will direct them to yoga poses. Sreejita advises Tina to keep her distance as she enters the activity room. She refuses to meet. She informs Tina that her heart is black and has negative energy.
Tina is informed by Sreejita that she is 'full of negative energy.' 'Voh aisa aapko lagta hai,' responds Tina. 'Please get out of my energy,' says Sreejita. Later, when Sreejita arrives at the house, she embraces Shalin Bhanot while mocking Tina in front of the camera.
Vikkas Manaktala will also compete in Bigg Boss 16 alongside Sreejita De. Vikkas Manaktala is best known for playing Cadet Amar Huda in the popular series Left Right Left. He introduces himself as his greatest competitor and says he has a short temper as he enters. He also said that he doesn't care what people think of him and isn't interested in belonging to any group.
Tina Datta and Sreejita De have a history of conflict dating back to before they competed in Bigg Boss 16. Sreejita revealed after she got kicked off the show, 'The only equation which I can have with her is just giving it back to her. Honestly, if given a chance to go back in the house and if she still survives then, I would just ask her because as I am out, I am getting to see what all she spoke behind my back. I will just ask her, 'Why are you f****ng insecure about me and why the hell are you talking so much nonsense about me.'

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