Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Inaya And Srihan's Heated Argument; 10 Contestants Are Up For Eviction

A rigorous nominating procedure kicked off the most recent show.

By Fitha Fathima, September 27, 2022 19:22 IST

Housemates were talking about the weekend episode when the most recent episode started. Direct nominations from the host Nagarjuna went to Keerthi and Arjun. The day started with nominations. To choose their nominee, the housemates had to break tomatoes on their heads.
Rajasekhar and Inaya were nominated by Srihan, who was upset with her 'mentality.' Ianya was also given a nomination by Sudeepa for her actions, which caused a quarrel between the two of them. Revanth was then seconded by her. Chanti and Inaya were accused of misconduct during the captaincy duty by Geetu. Revanth and Surya were nominated by Vasanthi. Revanth and Inaya were nominated by Arohi. Surya and Revanth were suggested by Balaaditya.
Sudeepa and Srihan were nominated by Inaya. Srihan and she got into a heated argument over why he brought up his age. Srihan disapproved of Inaya's unfounded accusations. She made it clear that she couldn't tolerate remarks about her voice, figure, or age. Chanti nominated Geetu and Inaya, citing the two's ineligibility to run for the contest. Raj and Geetu were proposed by Arjun. He said Geetu provoked Inaya and Srihan 'unnecessarily.'
Revanth suggested Sri Satya and stated that she was indeed offended by her statement. He then proposed Aarohi, noting her expression of 'disbelief' in a dialogue with Srihan. Suriya was nominated by Rajasekhar whereas Surya and Inya were nominated by Rohit. Inaya was proposed by Keerthi based on the latter's performance in the previous captaincy contender challenge. Revanth was nominated by her, who requested that the nominee not bring up her personal issues and said that she hadn't lost focus on the game as a result.
Arohi and Sudeepa were named by Faima as the people who targeted her. Bigg Boss finally revealed that Inaya, Revanth, Aarohi, Surya, Sudeepa, Srihan, Geetu, Rajsekhar, Arjun, and Keerthi had been nominated for this week's eviction.

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