Biju Sopanam And Nisha Sarang Shine In Laika's New Song

Biju Sopanam and Nisha Sarang shine in the newly released song from their upcoming film Laika.

By Xappie Desk, December 06, 2022 18:53 IST

Biju Sopanam and Nisha Sarang shine in the newly released song from their upcoming feature film 'Laika'. The song from the film is gaining attention now. P. Muralidharan wrote the lyrics, and Satish Ramachandran composed the music. Shani Bhuvan has sung the song featuring the qualities of dogs.
Debutant Ashad Sivaraman directed the movie 'Laika.' Director Ashad Sivaraman won seven state government television awards last year.
The central background of the film is the family of Raju, who is a workshop employee at the space research centre. Nisha appears as Raju's wife, Vimala, who pretends to be a scientist at a space research center. A dog named Tinku also comes in as another main character to tighten the fun of the story between the two. 'Laika' is the first Russian dog to go into space. It is claimed that this Laika is his successor.

Tamil actors Nasser, Baiju Santhosh, Sudheesh, Vigilesh, Nobby, Praveena, Aristo Suresh, CB Thomas, Sethulakshmi, Roshni, Nandana Varma, and others are also playing roles in the film. The screenplay has been written by P. Muralidharan and Shyam Krishna. The cinematography is done by P. Sukumar, who has moved the camera for many hit films.


Songs: BT Anilkumar, Shanthan, P. Muralidharan; Music: Satish Ramachandran, Gemini Unnikrishnan. Editing: Vipin Mannur; Art Direction: Anish Kollam. Associate Director: KG Shaiju; Costume Design: Ratheesh. Makeup: Anil Nemam; Production Controller: Murukan S; Production Executive: Vijay GS. VPS and Sons Media, under the banner of Dr. Shamnad, has been developed by Ranjit Mani.

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