Bimbisara First Day Collection: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram Starrer Opens First Day With Stong Numbers

With an opening day income of Rs. 8.80 crores, the Telugu states accounted for the majority of Bimbisara's earnings. Kalyan Ram's first-day earnings are a career-high.

By Vignesh K, August 06, 2022 17:32 IST

After a terrible June and July at the box office, the Telugu cinema industry finally got some good news yesterday as Bimbisara debuted to excellent figures. The fantasy action picture starring Nandamuri Kalyan Ram grossed around Rs. 9.50 crores in India on Friday, with a share of Rs. 6.25 crores. Telugu states earned the highest, with an opening day income of Rs. 8.80 crores. Kalyan Ram's opening day earnings are a career-high, more than double his previous best opener ISM (2016), which earned Rs. 4.20 crores (Rs. 3 crores share) in Telugu states.
The early audience reaction has been quite positive. The situation for the industry has been rather grim in the last two months, with films such as Thank You, Rama Rao, On Duty, Ante Sundaraniki, Pakka Commercial, and others failing to get traction at the box office, and even when The Warrior did gain traction, the feedback was not favorable. Bimbisara has excelled on both fronts and is poised to become an industry hit.
The film's international theatre rights fetched around Rs. 15 crores. The film is also doing well internationally, with a weekend gross of $225,000 or more predicted in the United States.

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