Bollywood actor Sonu Sood donates a tractor to Chittor farmer in crisis so he can plough his field

Recently comedian Kapil Sharma applauded Sonu Sood for his generosity and kindness.

By Apoorv Shandilya, July 27, 2020 12:47 IST

Sonu Sood has truly played the role of a messiah for many since March when the Coronavirus lockdown began in India. From the very beginning Sonu arranged for transport and food for migrant workers so they could reach their home. The actor also established a temporary helpline number for anyone in need to contact him and his office. Sonu Sood has received praise from politicians and his fellow actors alike but the actor is still continuing his work and reaching out to the needy.
Recently a Chittor farmer who was in crisis appealed for help as he could not provide for his family without a tractor. The farmer shared a video of his two daughters helping him plough the field. Sonu Sood was incredibly moved by the video and soon contacted the villager. In a tweet the actor wrote, 'Tomorrow morning he will have a pair of ox to plough the fields. Let the girls focus on their education. Farmers are pride of our country. Protect them.''
Once Sonu was done talking to the farmer over call he tweeted once again. He wrote, 'This family doesn’t deserve a pair of ox. They deserve a tractor. So sending you one. By evening a tractor will be ploughing your fields.''
In an interview by TNIE the farmer whose name is Nageswara Rao said Sonu Sood called him over the phone. He further said, 'Sonu Sood contacted me in the morning. He asked about how and my family members are. He also asked about my daughters and what they are studying,'

This family doesn’t deserve a pair of ox
They deserve a Tractor.
So sending you one.
By evening a tractor will be ploughing your fields
Stay blessed


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