'Brochevarevarura' teaser review: A crime comedy with interesting screenplay

By Aravind Peesapati, April 20, 2019 15:35 IST

'Brochevarevarura' teaser review: A crime comedy with interesting screenplay
After a youthful entertainer like 'Mental Madhilo', Vivek Athreya and Sree Vishnu are back with a crime comedy. The duo is back with 'Brochevarevarura' which hit the social media with its intriguing teaser.
The teaser begins with Sathya who is seen as a director struggling for a breakthrough, narrating a script to Nivetha Pethuraj. He then narrates the story of R3 Batch - Rocky, Rambo and Rahul played by Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna respectively.
This trio who are basically irresponsible plans to make easy money after Vishnu meets Mithra (Nivetha Thomas), a talented young dancer who also happens to be the daughter of principal.
The R3 batch finds themselves involved in crime to make easy money and the story's main plot revolves around how the batch escapes from the cops.
The teaser reveals that the movie would be a fresh youthful flick with a gripping screenplay. Vivek Sagar's music complimented the visuals. The makers have announced the release of this comedy thriller in June this year.

Teaser Link: Click here

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