Buzz Intensifies on Ram Gopal Varma's biopic

Popular lyricist Jonnavithula decided to come up with an exciting movie that will trace the journey of Ram Gopal Varma where his dark side gets exposed.

By Manoj Kumar, December 03, 2019 14:33 IST

Director Ram Gopal Varma has become the care-of address for controversies these days. He often targets various celebrities and either comment or directly makes a film on them. Most of the victim celebrities take it in a light-hearted way while some of them don't. Popular writer and lyricist Jonnavithula Ramalingeshwara Rao falls under the latter category.
After the release of Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu trailer, Jonnavithula criticized Ram Gopal Varma during a live debate in a news channel. Then, Ram Gopal Varma wrote on Twitter that the writer needs to have more sex to calm himself down. This has irked Jonnavithula and he now decided to make a film on Ramu himself.
Apparently, this film will feature an actor who looks like and can imitate the maverick director. It seems that Jonnavithula will expose the dark side of Ram Gopal Varma and his lifestyle in this movie. Looks like Jonnavithula is all set to make a more controversial film than Ramu.
We have to see how Ram Gopal Varma reacts to this movie project. Currently, he is busy with the release works of Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu. As of now, the film is facing the woes of the censor board and we are yet to get clarity on its release.

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