Day 68 Of Bigg Boss 16: MC Stan Reveals He Is Having Depressing Thoughts; Wants To Leave The Competition

MC Stan expresses his desire to leave the mansion to Tina Datta. Latter also admits that Ankit Gupta is unconcerned with tasks since he wants to leave.

By Fitha Fathima, December 08, 2022 16:42 IST

Sajid Khan confronts Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia about her unhappiness on Day 68. She expresses her frustration by asking him where he was when he needed her. He apologizes. MC Stan admits to Tina Datta that he is experiencing depressive thoughts and desires to leave the house as a result.
Stan says that the announcement will make him the happiest. When Abdu Rozik's friends begin making fun of him by withholding the chocolate, Abdu Rozik becomes irritated and storms out of the room. Nimrit goes to comfort him and returns with him. Later, Sajid requests that Tina resolve her issues with Shiv. Shiv and Tina discuss the issue. Sajid asks Shiv if he has a girlfriend in roadies.
Shiv admits that he fell in love during his previous Bigg Boss Marathi season. Sajid becomes shocked. Shiv describes how he decorated the entire house. Tina claims that love is a strong emotion to experience in the house because they are constrained and have no information about their personal things. Sajid confirms. Bigg Boss makes fun of Ankit for napping and asks who he doesn't want to name for captaincy. This allows Sumbul, Priyanka, Soundarya, Shalin, and Tina to establish themselves as potential captain candidates. For this challenge, the garden area is transformed into a prison, with the contestants playing the roles of police and prisoners respectively.
After a fight between Nimrit and Priyanka, the latter asks the former if she has ever been fair. Ankit commands Priyanka to stop. Sumbul informs Nimrit that Sajid has arrived to speak with her. Nimrit instructs her to be firm in her position. Tina, Shiv, and Nimrit are summoned to the confession room where they are interrogated over Sajid and Ankit's involvement. Tina reveals that Ankit has admitted to wanting to leave the house, which explains why he is unconcerned. Nimrit claims that Sajid has a unique perspective. Abdu discovers Stan stewing his chocolate and tells him he's keeping them for Nimrit's birthday. Nimrit approaches Sajid about his involvement in the house and invites him to take part.

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