Deepika Padukone gets harsh comments, Ranveer Singh supports them

Deepika Padukone shared some remarks from her school report card on her Instagram and we want to scream 'SAMEEE!'

By Rajeshwari Jagtap, October 01, 2019 22:13 IST

The oh so poised and charming Deepika Padukone can get goofy at times. The actor is seen sharing fun and goofy childhood pictures of her and duo Ranveer Singh on her Instagram account. This time though, the actress gave us a glimpse of what she was like in school.
She shared 3 posts consecutively. Each one of them shows a remark from her teacher in her report card. The first picture reads, 'Deepika is very talkative in class' to which Ranveer has commented 'trouble maker'. The second reads, ' Deepika must learn to follow rules' to which her husband replied 'yes, teacher. I agree! And the last one reads, 'Deepika tends to daydream'. Well we all know what she was dreaming about and surely her dreams have come true.
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Many celebrities have left hilarious Emojis and comments on her posts, but our favorite is undoubtedly Ranveer Singh. Their online banter always melts our hearts. People are loving this little secret Deepika has revealed. We hope to see more of this goofy side of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh.

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