Devarakonda fires on reporter who asks Rashmika of her breakup

By Aravind Peesapati, July 16, 2019 16:44 IST

Devarakonda fires on a reporter who asks Rashmika of her breakup
Angry young man, Arjun Reddy fame, Vijay Deverakonda gave befitting reply a journalist who asked his co-star Rashmika Mandanna about her broken engagement with actor Rakshit Shetty.
At the promotions of her upcoming film, Dear Comrade, Rashmika Mandanna was yet again asked about her break-up with her co-star in 'Kirik Party' which was remade as 'Kirak party' in Telugu. But this time, it was Vijay Deverakonda who came to her rescue with a befitting reply.
'I don't even know your question...but it is no one's business. Like I am giving an answer. I don't even understand the is it anyone's business...,' Devarakonda told the reporter.
Rashmika, who got engaged to Rakshit in 2017, broke up with the actor last year. Later Rashmika also reacted and shut the reporter in the best possible way. She said, 'It is so long of a question for me to understand it as well.'
Well, both, Rashmika and Rakshit have moved on in their life and are doing great in their professional life. She even shared a letter earlier confirming the same.

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