Devika Bhaudhanam Opens Up About Her Episode In Modern Love: Hyderabad

Director Devika Bahudhanam has helmed 'About That Rustle in The Bushes,' which is a part of Modern Love: Hyderabad.

By Anoop Sai Bandi, July 04, 2022 19:21 IST

Modern Love: Hyderabad is a six-episode anthology, that talks about love and relationships. The anthology is inspired by New York Times column and is all set to release on Amazon Prime Video on July 8. While Nagesh Kukunoor has directed three of the six short films, Venkatesh Maha, Uday Gurrola, and Devika Bahudhanam have directed one episode each. Among the six stories, Devika's episode 'About that rustle in the bushes, features Ulka Gupta and Naresh in lead roles.
Devika Bahudhanam, who has directed ‘About That Rustle in The Bushes’ episode, said, “While Hyderabad is a city built on history and culture where communities from various religious backgrounds thrive together, it is also a futuristic city – the IT hub – leading to constant evolution. My story brings is ever-changing understanding and comprehension of love. The story speaks of hope, change, finding courage, being comfortable in one’s own skin – and more than anything, it speaks of acceptance. I hope Amazon Prime members around the world will be able to feel a sense of kinship with the characters we’ve crafted and relate to them on a deeper level while appreciating the uniquely Hyderabadi flavor each story is steeped in.”

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