Dhruv Vikram To Enter Independent Music; Announcement Through Youtube Channel

Dhruv, through his newly created youtube channel, shares his taste, influence and memories relating to music.

By Xappie Desk, August 17, 2022 20:42 IST

Actor Dhruv Vikram announced his foray into the independent music industry on Monday, August 15, by creating his own YouTube channel. Vikram most recently appeared in director Karthik Subbaraj's 'Mahaan,' which also starred Vikram in the lead role. The youthful and appealing actor has claimed that music has always been a passion of his.
In the video titled 'Dreams/Kanavugazh', Dhruv Vikram talked about music's impact on his life. Dhruv Vikram says, 'I've always dreamt a lot. During my childhood, I dreamed about becoming an actor. A performer, a musician, and a filmmaker, I dreamt a lot about becoming a rockstar. But, dreaming about this gave me huge happiness because I feared a lot to put my thoughts into action. I felt my dreams were enough. I wasn't interested much in sports back during my school days. Me being a class topper? No chance at all. My mother would enroll me in all the classes so that I would develop an interest in any activity. Swimming, football, basketball, badminton, shloka class, computer class. You think about any class and I'd have been there. I would often be lost in my thoughts, but never was I ever sure about being passionate about any of these activities. I would instead watch films, pick up my camera and roam around on the streets, play random tunes on the keyboard, sing my own tunes while bathing, and enact the characters and scenes in my imagination when I'm alone.' Dhruv said in the video.
“ Now, I'm no big expert, but at times when I strum the chords to my favorite songs or when I try composing in a vibe, I can still experience the magic that I felt during my childhood and my past. I don't know how to explain that feeling. Rather than speaking about it, I'll show it to you all. The stories my heart longs to tell, songs, I wish to say that here on my YouTube channel. From my point of view, my heart, and my soul, at your screens. I believe you will understand. See you soon,' added Dhruv Vikram.

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