Did Alphonse Putharen Say He Wouldn't Do A Rajinikanth Film?

Recently, Premam director Alphonse Putharen took to Facebook to share his statement regarding a fake news.

By Anoop Sai Bandi, January 06, 2022 18:10 IST

An online publication recently published a copy saying Alphonse Putharen doesn't want to do a Rajinikanth film. The story went viral on social media ad even made Soundarya Rajinikanth text him personally to ask about this. Alphonse took to Facebook to share his thoughts about the recurring controversy. He wrote, 'Soundarya Rajinikanth had messaged me asking about this post. I replied saying that I haven't given an interview to anyone since the Premam release. She understood that and she talked to Rajini sir regarding this. That issue was sorted out then (sic).'
The filmmaker got to hear about the controversy again while narrating the story of his upcoming film, Gold. He wrote, “I was shocked, but dint shows it… From 2015 till this date I feel that this fake news is bothering me. All I want to say is that, if my film with Rajinikanth sir happened as I wished, it would have earned more than 1000 crores of rupees by entertaining the audience and the government would have earned a lot of Tax too. The loss is for me, the superstar, the audience, and the government. The one who put this article and the Brain who was behind this fake news will one day appear in front of me. You guys wait for the day.”

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