Director Aditya Dhar says filmmakers won’t be confident with releases at least until half of India is vaccinated.

Aditya Dhar who is famous for directing Uri: The Surgical Strike spoke about the impact of vaccination drives on the film industry.

By Apoorv Shandilya, April 13, 2021 12:15 IST

With rapid vaccination going on all across the country, it has given some hope to people who cannot wait for the pandemic to slowly get over. Director Aditya Dhar who made Uri: The Surgical Strike has also shared his views on the vaccination drives and their impact on the film industry. Dhar revealed that he thinks filmmakers won’t be confident with film releases until half of India’s population is vaccinated.
The 38-year-old filmmaker added saying, “Eventually as a culture, we Indians love to mingle and go out and eat food, meet friends. We don’t have a lot of things for entertainment. It is mostly cinema, clubs, malls and restaurants. So, theatres and cinemas play a very important role [in our lives]. I am really hoping that once we have the vaccination going — and it is happening at a good speed so far — things will improve.”
“ At least when we achieve 50% vaccination in the majority of cities, then way more people will start going to cinema halls. Producers will also have the confidence of releasing big films simultaneously. It is a process. I feel it will gradually increase. It will pick up in June and July, it will be slightly better because I am hoping by then there would be 50% of the population vaccinated in major cities. So, I think that will open up the theatrical space way more than what it is right now,” he added.

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