“Everyone In Court Is Equal Before The Law;” Hyderabad District Court Lashes Out Against Actress Samantha

Hyderabad district court responded to Samantha's defamation suit against YouTube channels.

By Abdul Azeez, October 22, 2021 19:05 IST

Hyderabad district court responds to Samantha's defamation suit against YouTube channels. Samantha registered the case registered in the Kukatpally District Court in Hyderabad. The court ruled that instead of filing a defamation suit, the owners of the YouTube channels should have been asked to apologize directly.
The judge was upset when Samantha's lawyer asked to consider the case immediately. The judge said the case would be heard later.
“Everyone in court is equal before the law. No one here is above the other. We will hear your case in due course;” the judge said. The judge added that movie stars reveal their personalities in public and would later file a defamation suit.
Samantha had filed a defamation suit against Suman TV, Telugu Popular TV, and some YouTube channels. The cyberattack and propaganda against Samantha started after her divorce from Naga Chaitanya.
Earlier, Samantha had reacted to the trolls on social media. Many trolls and memes have accused Samantha of the reason for the divorce of the couple.
She put out a statement in which she responded to the trolls. Samantha thanked everyone who has backed her as well.
Samantha shared a signed poster on her Instagram story. The poster reads: 'Your emotional investment into a personal crisis has overwhelmed me. Thank you all for showing deep empathy, concern and for defending me against false rumors and stories that are being spread. They say I had affairs, never wanted children, that I am an opportunist, and now that I have had abortions. A divorce in itself is an extremely painful process. Let alone allow me the time to heal. This attack on me personally, has been relentless. But I promise you this, I will never allow this or anything else they say, break me.'

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