Extraction star Chris Hemsworth says he is just as vulnerable as everyone else while shooting for a film or show

Chris Hemsworth previously thanked Indian audiences and fans for showering him with love while he shot for his film

By Apoorv Shandilya, June 29, 2020 18:42 IST

Chris Hemsworth rose to international fame almost immediately with his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hemsworth is also one of the very few actors who still has a fresh contract with the MCU for future films. Chris Hemsworth is truly unstoppable at the box office with one hit film after another. However, Hemsworth has now revealed that he feels just as vulnerable as everyone else while shooting for a film. In a recent interview with IANS Hemsworth confessed that he faces the same difficulties as his fellow actors.
Hemsworth said that any project that involves children evokes his personal emotions as a father. Hemsworth added saying that he feels protective of his reel kids just as much as he does about his real life kids. The Avengers actor also said that he missed his family while shooting for Extraction. He said, 'We shot this movie in India, Bangladesh and Thailand, I didn't have my family with me, so having that distance, I was certainly missing them more than usual. And so to sort of tap into those emotions was a little more accessible.'
'You know, (we all have the) same uncertainties. Some people are better at hiding them than others. But I think vulnerability is an access point for an audience and it shows that you are human. It shows that there are qualities that hopefully people can relate to, and uncertainties and questions (with which) people can identify with and that was what was so wonderful about the script of Extraction that was laid out in front of us and there for us to dive into, ' he added.
Chris Hemsworth will next star as Thor in Taika Waitit's film Thor: Love and Thunder.

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