Farah Khan Affirms That All Of MC Stan's Diamonds Are Real, Just Like Him

Farah Khan posted a photo with MC Stan to answer any lingering questions about the numerous jewels he is constantly wearing.

By Xappie Desk, February 15, 2023 18:37 IST

Farah Khan, a filmmaker and choreographer, has cleared up some long-lingering questions for Bigg Boss fans. After the season 16 finale, Farah posted a photo with MC Stan on Instagram and shared some information about all the jewellery that he constantly wears.
MC Stan was wearing a red shirt and black jeans, and Farah was wearing all black. In addition, he flashed the camera a pose while donning dark sunglasses. He wore many heavy chains on his neck, including one with a big Rupee sign that appeared to be covered in diamonds. When Farah shared the picture, she cleared any lingering questions by saying, “I checked the diamonds are real, just like MC Stan.”
Salman Khan had already questioned MC Stan about his clothing and jewellery at the season 16 launch of Bigg Boss after he claimed to be wearing an outfit that cost Rs. 60 lahks.
On Monday night, Farah hosted a huge party for her TV and Bollywood friends. Her brother Sajid Khan attended with the friends he made while competing on the show. Abdu Rozik, Soundarya Sharma, Shiv Thakare, and Nimrit Kaur were all present. She uploaded a video of the group performing the Bigg Boss theme song at the terrace party.
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she added to her post.
MC Stan is well-known for songs including Gender, Tadipar, and Basti Ka Hasti. He thanked his family and friends for their support during the reality TV series. In an interview, he told PTI, 'My motto was to popularise rap and I am happy I was able to do so. I believe I was a bit famous and people knew my songs as well. But Bigg Boss promoted me a lot. I am grateful for an opportunity like Bigg Boss. I want to do songs, tours, and do something for the rap community. As an artist, I want to do everything, movies, songs, whatever work I get, I will do it. It’s been eight months I have not dropped anything, I will drop a song very soon'.

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