"He Examined Other Parts Besides My Eyes;" Neena Gupta Opens Up About Child Sexual Abuse

Bollywood actress Neena Gupta reveals that she had been sexually abused.

By Abdul Azeez, October 18, 2021 18:32 IST

Senior Bollywood actress Neena Gupta has revealed that she was sexually abused at a young age. Neena revealed this in her autobiography 'Sach Kahu To'. She revealed that she has been sexually abused by a doctor and a tailor in her childhood. Neena wrote in her autobiography that she could not tell her mother about it because of fear.
Neena Gupta's words:
'When I went to the eye doctor, he examined other parts besides my eyes. At that moment I sat motionless with fear. On the way back home I felt disgusted. I sat in a corner of the house and burst into tears when no one saw me.
But I was afraid to tell my mother about this incident. I was afraid my mother would say that it was my fault. I wondered if he would tell me that I had done something to persuade him to do so. When I went to see the doctor again, it was still happening'
Neena Gupta shared that she had such a bad experience with a tailor. He was touching her body in various ways while taking measurements. She had to go there again and again. Neena said that if she told her mother not to go there, she would ask what was wrong.
'All girls have to go through this kind of misery. They are all afraid to tell their parents about it; wrote Neena. Neena says that because of that she is afraid that she will lose her freedom sometimes.

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