He Was Not Feeling Well For Years, Need To Be Cared Like A Child;” Nayantara Gets Emotional About Father.

Actress Nayantara opens up about her father’s illness.

By Abdul Azeez, August 16, 2021 22:17 IST

Actress Nayanthara gets emotional about her father’s illness. Nayantara said that her father had not been well for years. She added that her mother was taking care of her father as a child. Nayanthara’s response was in an exclusive interview with Vijay TV on Independence Day. The actress said that she wants to see her father back to his old self.
The one and a half-hour-long interviews were related to the release of the new film Netrikann. The actress opened up in relation to the question of what she would do if given the opportunity to change something in her life. Nayantara said that these issues have not been discussed anywhere so far and that is because it is a very private and emotional issue.
“The actress said that she has never talked about her father and mother. 'Father and mother live only in their own world. They don’t even know what movie I’m doing. But even if they don't understand the language, they will go and see all the movies I have acted in. I call them whenever the movies are released;” Said Nayantara.
Two or three years after I got into film, my father became ill. No one else can do as much as Mom and Dad did for so long. Both are about the same age. I want to see my father back to his old self. If there is an order in my life today, if I have the energy and the time to work, it all came from my father. My father and mother played a big role in making me who I am ', said Nayantara.

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