HIT 3: Adivi Sesh Teases Fans With A Shot Of Nani, Vishwak Sen, And Sailesh Kolanu

Adivi Sesh posted a picture on Instagram showing him and Hit director Sailesh Kolanu, together with the other police figures, played by Vishwak Sen and Nani.

By Xappie Desk, December 06, 2022 14:58 IST

Adivi Sesh has shared a snap of himself alongside Nani, Vishwak Sen, and Sailesh Kolanu. He often said that the HIT franchise would endure as Sailesh Kolannu is committed to growing it into a franchise.

KD alias Adivi, who played a chill cop on the lookout for a terrifying serial killer in the recently released Hit: The Second Case, is now giving us a hint. On social media, the actor posted a picture of himself with the actor-producer Nani and the actor-director Vishwak Sen.
Readers are likely already aware of Vishwak Sen's acting as the tough cop Vikram in the most recent film, Hit: The First Case. Now that the sequel has been released with fantastic reviews, the filmmakers are going to move on to the third part of the trilogy. Intriguingly, Nani, a South actor who is also the franchise's producer, is anticipated to appear in the third part. He will play the part of Arjun Sarkar, a police officer. Hit 2's KD, alias Adivi Sesh, hinted at this by posting a picture on Instagram with the director and the two actors, along with the message,
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Adivi Sesh revealed his involvement in the upcoming part of the franchise in an interview, although he withheld many more details regarding his character in the movie. However, the actor had stated, 'I think that's his, vision,' while discussing the franchise.' I am just an actor in his film. Also, I think it's a very special DNA that Sailesh has within his psyche to make a film like this. It is so procedural yet he can make it work for the big screen, he further continued.”
Hit: The Second Case, featuring Meenakshi Chaudhary, was released on December 2.

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