I Did It And Showed It To You When I Told You That You Would Learn When There Are Films Where You Have To Dance.Tovino Thomas Talks About His Dance In The Film Thallumaala.

Actor TovinoThomas talks about his dance in the film Thallumaala.

By Xappie Desk, August 05, 2022 13:30 IST

Movie buffs are waiting for Thallumala, directed by Khalid Rahman and starring Tovino Thomas. The film, which will hit theatres on August 12, has been scripted by Muhsin Parari. Tovino Thomas' dance moves in the song released went viral on the internet.
Tovino Thomas had not danced in films till now. Tovino Thomas is talking about the dance in Thallumaala. Tovino said this in an interview given to YouTube channel Movie Man as part of the film's promotion.
The actor said that he only said that he did not know how to dance and that he did not say that he would not learn. Tovino adds that he has said this in many interviews in the past and that he will learn when there are films where he has to dance.
I have said this in many interviews before. When I told you that you would learn when there are films where you have to dance, I did it and showed it to you. When I was called to Tallumaala, I was told that I didn't know how to dance, yet director Khalid called me because he had faith in me. The Rishidan Master himself came to teach the dance.
During the shooting, I used to practise dance every evening for an hour and a half. Most of the people in the film will come for it. 'The Dancing Ninja and his disciples, Ardri, Luqman, Swati, and others, were there for practice,' says Tovino.
The songs and trailer of Thallumaala are getting a great response on social media.
The film has Kalyani Priyadarshan as the female lead and stars Shine Tom Chacko, Lukman and Chemban Vinod Jose among others. Cinematography by Jimshi Khalid, Music by Vishnu Vijay, Lyrics by Mohsin Parari, Editing by Nishad Yusuf.

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