"I Feel Insecure When I am Told That Someone Is Dubbing For Me;" Says Vivek Oberoi

Vivek Oberoi talks about Vineeth Radhakrishnan and his role in the film Lucifer.

By Abdul Azeez, July 06, 2022 20:35 IST

Vivek Oberoi became more popular with the Malayalam audience through the movie Lucifer. Vivek was able to portray the character of Bobby in Lucifer beautifully.
But being a foreign language actor, dubbing for him had to be done very carefully. The dubbing that did not diminish the intensity of the character was definitely necessary for the film. Actor and dancer Vineeth Radhakrishnan handled the job. Bobby's voice was safe in Vineeth. Vineeth received a lot of praise for his dubbing of Lucifer. He also received the State Award for Best Dubbing Artist that year.
Vivek talks about Vineeth dubbing for him in Lucifer, and it was really good. 'Vineeth dubbed for me in Lucifer was very good. But we haven't had time to see it. I was supposed to meet him during Kaduva’s Trivandrum schedule. But that schedule was canceled. I want to meet him. Vineeth has done such a beautiful job. Because Vineeth is a good artist, he was able to dub so beautifully. I feel insecure when I am told that someone is dubbing me. Because I am afraid that the dubbing artist will be able to honestly give the pose and other things that I gave while speaking. I myself had discussed with Prithvi whether I would dub for Bobby in Lucifer. Full credit goes to Prithvi and Vineeth for making the dubbing so cool. Vineeth dubbed with the whole spirit of the character Bobby,' said Vivek.
Vivek's upcoming film is Kaduva, directed by Shaji Kailas and starring Prithviraj. Kaduva is produced by Listyn Stephen and Supriya Menon under the banners of Magic Frames and Prithviraj Productions.

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