“I still have my ‘Bombayness’ in me;” Says Lucky Ali.

Singer and composer Lucky Ali opens up about his personal life.

By Abdul Azeez, May 16, 2022 17:55 IST

Lucky Ali is one of the greatest composers of our times. He has given many beautiful songs through films as well as singles. His songs like O Sanam, Na Tum Jano Na Hum and Safarnama are still celebrated around the world. Now, the legendary singer and composer opens up about his personal life. Lucky Ali, in an interview with ETimes, talks about his new release Intezaar as well.
“I am not a person who stays at one place for a very long time. I need to move around, I need to wander, and otherwise, I feel like I am stagnating. But when dad (veteran actor Mehmood) passed away, I realised that I, too, wanted to go away from here, because I felt that I did not belong here. I felt like a stranger in the crowd. I knew many people here, yet I felt like a stranger. I felt the need to go;” Says Lucky Ali.
He added that he still that Bombayness in him and he visits Mumbai often. Lucky Ali added: “I do visit Mumbai often, and I still have my ‘Bombayness’ in me. I watch the sea, I love going to Carter Road and Nepean Sea Road and all those places that I grew up around. For me, it is like returning home. Mumbai is like a mother to me. So, yes, Mumbai is my maika and I am Mumbai’s Mai ka lal!”
Lucky Ali also opened up about his relation with brother-in-law, Mikey McCleary and their new project. “My new track Intezaar is the first song from our new compilation. It has been sitting around for the last two years because of the pandemic. It was a big wait. Mickey shifted to America and I was in Bengaluru. We communicated online;” says Lucky Ali.
Lucky Ali added that he had recorded around 20 versions of the new song Intizaar. “Finally, in the studio, I recorded some 20 different versions of the track. It was all about getting it just right. Mickey is a taskmaster. We don’t accept anything that we are not convinced about. For this song, we have recorded a video at my home in Bangalore;” Lucky Ali added.

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