“I Told Him This Doesn't Seem So Exciting To Me, It Doesn't Work;” Tovino Talks About His Role In The Film Vaashi

Actor Tovino Thomas talks about his role in the film Vaashi.

By Abdul Azeez, June 18, 2022 19:29 IST

Vaashi is a movie directed by newcomer Vishnu G Raghav. The film, starring Tovino Thomas and Keerthi Suresh hit the theatres on June 17. Vishnu, Tovino, and Keerthi are also close friends. Vishnu, who has worked as an assistant director, is also an accomplished actor.
Now, Tovino talks about telling the story of Vishnu Vashi in an interview as part of the promotion of the film. Tovino responds to the presenter's comment that there is no need to convince them to tell the story just because they are friends.
Tovino said that there is respect between them even though they are close friends. “Not so. There is definitely something to be convinced of by telling the story. There is such a thing as mutual respect anyway. I have respect for a director and Vishnu for an actor. We have such respect for anything beyond friendship. When he first told me a basic first draft of it, I said, Bro, this doesn't seem so exciting to me, it doesn't work.'
But he did not keep quiet about it. Our friendship goes beyond that. Even after telling that story, we are the ones who are constantly calling back and forth and telling stories and stories. People who see occasionally. If Vishnu comes to Ernakulam, I will see Anu's flat either if I am there. Or we may have met somewhere and talked for a while.
Sometime later, when he came to me and narrated it, I realized that it was the same story I had told him before, but it was not the same as it had been then.
The basic story is the same, but he worked on it and brought in a lot of layers. I felt very happy. When the same story comes to me after a while I'm definitely very skeptical to hear it, because once I heard it I told him it did not work. He sat and worked with Mahesh Narayanan and Bobby-Sanjay. He, too, has been behind this for four and a half years, since 2017.
He comes to see me with a final draft after researching the film for so long and seeing the court proceedings. The Family Drama and the Court Drama were told in a more convincing way than the first. Even if we hear all this, we will know that it has worked.
After hearing this story, I got the satisfaction that I did not get then. I was thinking until the end, and then what's going to happen next, and when the film was over, I thought it was a good movie;” said Tovino Thomas.
The film Vaashi is gaining good reviews from the audience. Kottayam Ramesh, Kochupreman, and Baiju will also be seen in the lead roles.
Under the banner of Revathi Kalamandir, producer and Keerthi Suresh's father G. Suresh Kumar produces the film. Menaka Suresh, who is Keerthi's mother, and her sister Revathi Suresh are co-producing the film. The film is distributed by Urvashi Theaters and Ramya Movies.
The story is by Janice Chacko Simon. Robbie Varghese Raj does the camera and Mahesh Narayanan does the editing. The music is composed by Kailas Menon. The songs of the film are composed by Vinayak Sasikumar. The costume designer is Divya George.

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