"I Was Not Very Brave About Doing The Character At First;" Says Vishnu Unnikrishnan About His Role In The Film Randu

Vishnu Unnikrishnan talks about his role in the film Randu.

By Abdul Azeez, July 06, 2022 19:25 IST

Vishnu Unnikrishnan played the central character in the film Randu. Directed by Sujith Lal, the film revolves around the changes in the life of a village youth named Vava, due to the actions of certain communal groups in the village.
Vishnu played the role of Vava. Mamita Baiju, Mala Parvathy, Nawaz Vallikun, and Reshma Rajan played other roles in the film.
Vishnu has said that he was afraid to act in the film 'Dwari' and decided to act after thinking about it for some time. He was speaking in an interview given to Doolnews.
'I gave a lot of thought to the film Randu. I was not very brave about it, because I have come from the stage and know about crowd psychology. It is terrible. We cannot manage. It is also a time when people interpret things in different ways that we never even dreamed of and blame them. It is not only now but also in the past. Through social media, everyone now has a space for it.
That's why when I heard this story, bro, the plot was interesting, but I was scared and I said no at first. Listen to the script. He said, 'We are looking forward to it.' I also made small suggestions. So the film is made after reworking. And I also thought that if I don't tell this story now when I will tell it?
We also have an obligation to society. I thought, why am I afraid when the director, producer, and screenwriter are bravely ready to make the film? But I didn't have the guts to do it,' said Vishnu.
Vishnu's next release is Kuri, directed by KR Praveen under the banner of Kocares Media Entertainments. Surabhi Lakshmi and Vishnu Govindan are playing other characters in the film.

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