“If They Had Known Prithviraj During The First Part, Prithviraj Would Probably Have Given Voice To Rocky Bhai;” Says Shankar Ramakrishnan

Shankar Ramakrishnan talks about the Malayalam dubbing experience of KGF2.

By Abdul Azeez, May 20, 2022 15:29 IST

KGF Chapter 2, directed by Prashant Neil and starring Yash, was a pan-Indian hit and created a huge collection of records.
Director and screenwriter Shankar Ramakrishnan was behind the Malayalam version of the film. He acted as the Malayalam dubbing dictator of the film. Shankar also translated the dialogues of the film into Malayalam. The film was distributed by Prithviraj Productions. Shankar came to the film through Prithvi. In an interview with Club FM, Shankar Ramakrishnan shared the dubbing details of the film. Shankar said that if the KGF team had known Prithviraj earlier, he would have given voice to Yash.
“Many people have come from Kerala for KGF dubbing. They came to Bangalore after a voice casting audition. We took the voices of many and submitted to them. From there, the people on their expert committee selected people for the character.
It took them four years to get to KGF2. They even suggested how each character should speak and how they should sound. Whoever gave voice to Rocky Bhai in KGF 1 should do the second part as well;” Shankar said.
Shankar added that if they had known Prithiviraj earlier, he would have given the chance to dub for the film. “If they had known Prithvi during the first part, Prithvi would probably have given voice to Rocky Bhai. So they had an idea. If he had done the first part, he too would have had the thrill to do the second part.
But the real truth is that Prithviraj's voice and Arun's voice have nothing to do with Yash's real voice. Not only the sound but also the style in which a dialogue is told. That dialogue should be told as the dot says. The way he says it is different;” Shankar Ramakrishnan said.
KGF2 was released in theaters on April 14th. The film grossed Rs 134 crore on its first day in India alone. Meanwhile, the shooting of KGF 3, the third film in the KGF series will begin in October this year. Reportedly, Rana Dagubatti will play an important villain in the third part. Though, neither the actor nor the production team has confirmed the news.

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