"If You Want To Get It, You Have To Do It That Way;" Dijo Jose Antony Responds To The Criticism Against Jana Gana Mana Court Scenes

Director Dijo Jose Antony responds to the criticism against Jana Gana Mana court scenes.

By Abdul Azeez, July 06, 2022 20:01 IST

When the movie Jana Gana Mana, directed by Dijo Jose Antony, was released, the court scenes in the movie were the most noticed. People, including journalists and political leaders, shared the court scenes in the film.
But there was also criticism against these scenes. Critics mainly argued that there was no logic in the court scenes. But Dijo Jose Antony says that no lawyers called him and criticized him after seeing these scenes. In an interview given to Club FM, Dijo said that he deliberately filmed the court scenes in such a way.
'No lawyer has ever told me that this is not the way court scenes should be. Also had seen the film, Queen. After watching the movie, he said it was cool. I watch all the court dramas. I have seen English movies, Pink and Jolly LLB. That's my pattern. I love it so much. But this is not realistic. You can call it semi-realistic. I did it on purpose.
It's a particularly preachy scene. It is a monotonous event. A person is sitting and speaking a dialogue. What happened in court is something like a radio show. This is also a punch program. It must be cinematic when someone is so preachy. This is its language. This is its space. It was done so on purpose. But we know its pulse. You should feel it while watching the movie. If you want to get it, you have to do it that way,' said Dijo.

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