“I'm scared As The Movie Draws Near;” Says Suraj Venjaramoodu

Suraj Venjaramoodu talks about his film with Dashamoolam Damu as the central character.

By Abdul Azeez, May 13, 2022 18:49 IST

Dashamoolam Damu is a character of Suraj Venjaramoodu who has been celebrated by the movie audience and memes alike. In the 2009 movie Chattambinadu, Damu got more attention than the movie. Even Damu got more attention than Mammootty's lead role in the film.
Suraj had revealed that he was making a film with Dasamoolam Damu as the central character. In an interview with Club FM, Suraj shared more about the film. The actor was speaking in an interview given as part of the promotion of his latest film Pathaam Valavu (Tenth Curve) .
“A film with Dashamoolam Damu as the central character will be coming soon. Dashamoolam Damu is a caricature character. It was only after the trolls were brought in that I realized that the character had so many dimensions and faces. It's a good idea. They were all saying that they should make a film with Damu. So this movie will be as per the demand of that time;” said Suraj Venjaramoodu.
Suraj says that he is scared as the movie draws near. “I'm scared as the movie draws near. That's challenging. It was just a character in the movie Chattambinadu. It's risky to take a full movie with that character. But the director was ready for it. Then why would I worry;” said Suraj.
Ratheesh Pothuval, who directed Android Kunjappan will direct the film Dashamoolam Damu. The film will begin shooting this year itself.
Meanwhile, Pathaam Valavu hit theatres today. Suraj and Indrajit play the central character in the film. The film also stars Atithi Ravi, Sudhir Karamana, and Swasika in other important roles.

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